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Campagnia Dinner Menu

Here is a sample of the Campagnia dinner menu. Please note that menu and prices are subject to change. For the latest revision, please contact the restaurant directly.

1185 E Champlain Dr

Campagnia Dinner Menu -Appetizers

Peppered goat cheese with sundried tomato-olive relish, roasted garlic & herb flat bread $7.50

Crisp fried calamari with scallion, jalapeno & chili-lime dipping sauce $8.25

Sauteed sea scallops with baby shitake mushrooms, sugar snap peas and pancella in a lemon-tarragon cream sauce $11.95

Seared ahi tuna with fuji apple-daikon sprout salad & three sauces $11.50

Oven dried tomato & fresh mozzarella bruschetta with pesto $7.95

Savory Argentine prawns with orange-tarragon glaze $11.95

Lemongrass chicken & avocado spring rolls with spicy peanut dipping sauce and sesame cabbage slaw $7.95

Salads & Soups

Baby greens with orange miso vinaigrette $4.25

Caesar salad $5.95

Red pear & butterleaf salad with strawberries, candied pecans, blue cheese & poppy seed dressing $8.25

Romaine "wedge salad" with buttermilk blue cheese dressing, grape tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, olives and bacon $7.95

Soup of the day $4.25


BBQ chicken pizza with smoked mozzarella, red onion & cilantro $10.50

Margerite $9.50

Thai shrimp with mango, scallion, cilantro & spicy peanuts $11.50

Pepperoni, artichoke & kalamata olives $10.50

Oven dried tomato with goat cheese, mushrooms & pesto $10.50

Spicy Italian sausage with fire roasted peppers & caramelized onions $10.50

Campagnia Dinner Menu - Entrees

Grilled Chinese chicken salad with peanuts, crisp wonton strips & spicy black bean soy vinaigrette $14.95

Pan roasted mushroom stuffed chicken breast with root vegetables, gnocchi & red wine reduction $19.95

Pan roasted salmon with sugar snap pea-oyster mushroom cous cous, apple-cranberry chutney & saffron butter sauce $20.95

Floro's Signature grilled pork chop with steamed jasmine rice, red thai curry glaze & coriander emulsion $20.95

Macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi with stir-fried baby bok choy, garlic braised potatoes, spicy coconut cream reduction and mango slasa. $23.95

Certified Angus 16 oz. ribeye steak with Yukon gold mashed potatoes, blue lake beans, porcini mushroom sauce & gorgonzola-horseradish butter $29.95

Broiled rack of lamb with chorizo stuffing, grilled vegetables and chipolte-cider glazei $25.95

Grilled applewood bacon wrapped 9 oz. filet mignon with goat cheese & chive twice baked potato, sauteed baby carrots, & brandy demiglace $28.95


Penne pasta with Italian sausage, eggplant & spinach in a spicy roasted tomato sauce $15.50

Smoked chicken fettuccine with sugar snap peas, portabella mushrooms in a sherry cream sauce $15.95

Lobster raviol in bouillabaisse broth with asparagus, crisp onion rings and basil oil $22.95

Cheese sachettini with prosciutto, fresh thyme and roasted pine nuts in a wild mushroom-vermouth sauce $18.50


Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes $2.95

French Fries $2.50

Steamed Jasmine Rice $1.50

Sauteed Vegetables $2.50

NOTE: The Campagnia Dinner Menu and prices are subject to change. Please contact the restaurant for the latest revision.