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Edo Ya Japanese Restaurant

Edo Ya is a "triple-threat" Japanese restaurant - it has regular dining, sushi bar and teppanyaki.

Edo Ya
3050 W Shaw Ave

Location tip: Restaurant is located in the shopping complex at the NW corner of Shaw and Marks Ave.

Review: This Fresno Japanese restaurant is popular for its Teppanyaki.

What is Teppanyaki? In Japanese, "teppan" is iron plate and "yaki" means stir-fry.

Teppanyaki is thus stir-fried meat and vegetables on a stainless-steel grill. Diners sit around the stainless steel teppan and watch as the teppanyaki chef prepares the meal in front of them. But that is not all.

The teppanyaki chefs will entertain you with their culinary skill as well - juggling and throwing food, etc.

Teppanyaki is a lot of fun when you have a group of friends with you.