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Fresno Basque Restaurant

Here is our review of a Fresno Basque Restaurant:

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Santa Fe Basque Restaurant
3110 N Maroa Ave, Fresno CA 93704
559.226.7499 Location tip: Restaurant is located on Maroa, between Clinton and Shields Ave. That section of Maroa Ave is a one-way street so it's easiest if you go north on Maroa from Clinton Ave. Restaurant is on your right-hand side. Review: Have you ever had Basque food? Neither had we until we tried the Santa Fe restaurant. This Fresno Basque restaurant has an interesting history. It started in 1926 as a boarding house and tavern for Basque immigrants who came to America from the "old country" (of what is current day Northern Spain and Southwestern France). Many of these Basques or "Bascos" worked as shepherds and the hotel also served as a base of operations for the Basque sheepman in town on business. All dinners include bread and butter, tossed green salad, soup of the day, side dish of the day (these can already be a meal in itself!) AND a main course of your choice and dessert! It is a BIG meal! Do go hungry and ready to eat! Here's a sneak peak into the Santa Fe Basque Restaurant menu. Oh, and there is karaoke every Thursday night from 7 to 11pm. Participation is voluntary, of course :)