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Favorite Fresno Breakfast place

Irene's Café is one-of-a-kind Fresno Breakfast or Brunch restaurant and that's why we like it.

There are other places that you could go to for breakfast or brunch namely familiar names like Denny's and Ihop and we do go to those too. But places like Irene's Cafe is unique to Fresno and not to be found elsewhere. Here is our review: Irene's Café
747 E Olive Ave, Fresno CA 93728
559.237.2229 Location tip: This popular place is located at the Northwest corner of Olive and Linden (just east of Wishon). Review: Irene's Cafe is somewhat of a local icon in the Tower District. It is a popular place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the weekends, it is generally pretty crowded during breakfast or brunch. Patio seating is great for people watching. Plenty of options available from burgers to sandwiches. Breakfast choices abound - bagels, waffles, French toast, omelets, pancakes, etc.