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Reviews of Fresno Vietnamese Restaurants

There are several Fresno Vietnamese Restaurants especially at McKinley and First Avenues. Fresh spring rolls and pho noodle soup are very much part of the Vietnamese cuisine.

There is nothing better than a big bowl of Pho noodles on a cold, winter's day!

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Here are our favorite Fresno Vietnamese restaurants:

Kim's Restaurant
4965 N Fresno St, Fresno Ca 93726

Location tip: Restaurant is located in the Mission Village shopping complex at the South-West corner of Shaw and Fresno Avenue.

Review: This is a somewhat upscale Vietnamese restaurant. The interior is nicely decorated with dark wood furniture.

Our favorites here include the fresh spring rolls (not fried) served with the peanut sauce and the Kim's Specialties - sizzling chicken or beef and the sizzling seafood delight. Food is always excellent. Service is good and generally very quick.

Check out Kim's restaurant menu.

Pho #1
1656 N First St, Fresno CA 93703

Location tip: Restaurant is located in the shopping complex at the Northeast corner of McKinley and First Ave.

Review: When we crave for a big, hot bowl of pho noodle soup, we head straight for Pho #1. By the way, pho is pronounced as "phir". For the longest time, I was pronouncing it as "foe" until a Vietnamese friend corrected me one day.


Pho #1 restaurant is located in a shopping complex that does not look like much from the outside but that's ok because the pho is what we are really interested in. There are 3 other Fresno Vietnamese restaurants in that area - Paradise, Pho75 (see picture below) and Pho99. We've been to Paradise and Pho75 and while their dishes are pretty good, we felt that the pho is best at Pho#1.


The Bun - rice noodles with grilled beef and shrimp is also very delicious. Service is always quick and courteous. Most dishes cost between $4.50 and $6.00. The next time you're looking for a delicious and cheap meal, don't forget to consider Pho #1.

Pho Paradise
1848 N. First (about 1/2 way btw McKinley and Clinton)

Fresnohub Reader Review, submitted 18 August 2005: Pho Paradise has the best banh mi sandwich I've been able to find, the No. 21, grilled pork. They also have the traditional with the pate and a couple of others.