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Fuzio Restaurant Menu

Below is a sample of the Fuzio restaurant menu. Please note that the menu and prices are subject to change. For the latest revision, please contact the restaurant directly.

Fuzio Universal Pasta
7742 N Blackstone Ave

Fuzio restaurant menu - Universal Appetizers

1. Toasted Focaccia with Garlic - Topped with toasted garlic and parmesan. - 3.75

2. Toasted Focaccia with Feta and Onion - Topped with caramelized onion, feta and basil. - 3.75

3. Toasted Focaccia with Pesto - Topped with pesto, parmesan and tomato. - 3.75

4. Vietnamese Springrolls with Chicken - Soft rice paper rolls filled with Asian vegetables, grilled chicken and mint served with a sweet chile sauce for dipping and a ginger carrot salad. - 6.75

5. Fresh Mozzarella with Tomato Vinaigrette - Fresh mozzarella cheese, argula, basil and tomato vinaigrette served with our fresh focaccia bread. - 6.75

6. Crispy Calamari - Quick fried buttermilk battered calamari served with spicy lemon garlic aioli. - 7.75

Fuzio restaurant menu -Salads

7. Small Salad - A mixed green salad with roasted garlic vinaigrette or a house Caesar salad with croutons. - 3.50

8. Caesar Salad - Romaine lettuce tossed in fresh Caesar dressing with parmesan and croutons. - 6.50

(Add grilled Chicken Breast - add 2.65)

(Add Shrimp - add 3.68)

9. Chinese Chicken Salad - Sliced grilled chicken breast over Napa cabbage with cilantro and peanuts tossed in hoisin vinaigrette, served over crunchy rice noodles, garnished with candied ginger. - 8.75

10. Chopped Salad - Grilled chicken breast, salami, Fuji apples, bleu cheese, Romaine lettuce and tomatoes tossed with creamy balsamic vinaigrette dressing - 8.95

11. Bleu Cheese Chicken Salad - Grilled chicken breast, Romaine lettuce tossed with homemade bleu cheese dressing, Fuji apples, bleu cheese crumbles, cucumbers and penne pasta, topped with fresh tomatoes. - 8.95

12. Greek Salad - Organic mixed baby greens tossed with Kalamata olives, feta cheese and sundried tomatoes in roasted garlic vinaigrette. - 8.75

(Add grilled Chicken Breast - add 2.75)

(Add Shrimp - add 3.75)

Fuzio restaurant menu -Grilled Sandwiches

Our sandwiches are made with grilled focaccia and served with your choice of mixed organic greens or Caesar salad.

13. Grilled Chicken and Roasted Peppers - Grilled chicken breast, roasted peppers, provolone and balsamic onions with herb aioli. Made with grilled focaccia and a salad. - 7.95

14. Albacore Tuna Melt - Albacore tuna with cucumbers, celery and red onion topped with melted Swiss and Cheddar. Made with Grilled focaccia and a salad. - 7.95

15. Italian Club - Grilled sliced chicken breast, hickory smoked bacon, salami and provolone cheese with marinated onions, a touch of tomato sauce and our Caesar dressing. Made on grilled focaccia with a salad. - 7.95

Fuzio restaurant menu -Universal Pastas

16. Fuzio Firecracker Fusilli - Corkscrew pasta with tender ginger braised pork, firecracker hot habanero pesto and sour cream. - 9.95

17. Pesto Penne - Pasta tubes coated in hearty basil pesto with fresh tomatoes and feta cheese. - 8.95

(Add grilled Chicken Breast - add 2.95)

(Add sauteed Prawns - add 3.95)

18. California Chicken Sausage Penne - Pasta tubes with spicy chicken sausage in a light marinara sauce with roasted bell peppers and parmesan. - 9.95

19. Vegetable Pad Thai Noodles - Thin rice noodles with crispy tofu, Napa cabbage, bean sprouts, egg and chopped peanuts tossed in a sweet spicy sauce. - 7.95

(Add grilled Chicken Breast - add 2.95)

(Add Shrimp - add 3.95)

20. Rigatoni Alfuzio - Wide pasta tubes in our garlic cream sauce with fresh tomatoes and hickory smoked bacon. - 8.95

(Add grilled Chicken Breast - add 2.95)

(Add Shrimp - add 3.95)

21. Angel Hair and Fresh Tomatoes - Roma tomatoes, garlic and olive oil tossed with angel hair pasta, basil and parmesan cheese. - 7.95

(Add grilled Chicken Breast - add 2.95)

(Add Shrimp - add 3.95)

22. Linguine and Meatballs - Our Southern Italian recipe features homemade jumbo sized meatballs in marinara sauce. - 8.95

23. Singapore BBQ Pork - Chinese BBQ pork and rice noodles sauteed with garlic, onions and red bell peppers in a sweet and sour sauce garnished with bean sprouts and cilantro green onion mix. - 8.95

24. Shanghai Curry Chicken - Hearty Shanghai noodles and grilled chicken breast in a lemon grass and ginger sauce with fresh vegetables and cilantro. - 9.95

25. Caramelized Mushroom Linguine - Linguine tossed with portobello mushrooms, button mushrooms, fresh arugula and basil garnished with pecorino romano cheese. - 8.95

(Add grilled Chicken Breast - add 2.63)

(Add Shrimp - add 3.68)

26. Crispy Calamari Linguine - Linguine tossed with toasted garlic, lemon, chili flakes and butter, topped with crispy calamari. - 9.95

27. Japanese Noodle Bowl - Hearty Shanghai noodles in a traditional Dashi broth with Asian veggies, tofu, bean sprouts and cilantro. - 7.95

(Add grilled Chicken Breast - add 2.95)

(Add Shrimp - add 3.68)

Fuzio restaurant menu -Designer Ravioli

You design your dish...pick a ravioli, then pick a sauce!

28. Potato Leek - Pick a sauce, pesto cream, roasted mushroom cream or tomato cream. - 10.95

29. Spinach with 4 Cheeses - Pick a sauce, pesto cream, roasted mushroom cream or tomato cream. - 10.95

30. Sundried Tomato with Cheese - Pick a sauce, pesto cream, roasted mushroom cream or tomato cream. - 10.95

Fuzio restaurant menu -Dinner Specials

31. Mediterranean Salmon - A seasoned filet of salmon, grilled and served with a wine reduction, sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, roasted pinenuts and basil, accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes. - [Dinner Only] 13.95

32. Roasted Honey Lemon Chicken - A half chicken roasted with honey and lemon until golden brown. Served with seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes. - [Dinner Only] 11.95

33. Firecracker Steak - Lean, thin skirt steak marinated in ginger and lemon grass then grilled medium, served in our own Firecracker sauce, topped with fresh pineapple chutney and served with vegetables and mashed potatoes. - [Dinner Only] 12.95


Fuzio restaurant menu -Universal Kids Meals

34. Noodles and Butter - A portion of corkscrew noodles, or your favorite, tossed with butter and parmesan cheese. - 3.75

35. Meatballs and Noodles - Corkscrew noodles tossed with our marinara sauce, topped with a couple of our homemade meatballs and parmesan cheese. - 3.75

36. Noodles and Marinara Sauce - Corkscrew noodles in marinara, topped with parmesan cheese. - 3.75

37. Pizza Bread with Chicken and Cheese - A couple or pieces of our homemade bread covered with red sauce, chicken and provolone cheese, baked just for you. - 3.75

NOTE: The Fuzio restaurant menu and prices are subject to change. Please contact the restaurant for the latest revision.