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Golden Dynasty

Here is our restaurant review:

Golden Dynasty
3201 E Shields Ave
Location tips: On Shields Ave, just east of First Ave. Restaurant is in shopping complex just east of Target.

Review: This is one of those great restaurant that doesn't look like much from the outside or the inside (inside is clean but not richly decorated - you don't come here for great furniture or decoration!).

BUT they serve really delicious and authentic Chinese food. Service has always been friendly and generally very quick. Service might be slower during their busier hours, e.g. weekends after 6pm.

Favorite dishes: Imperial Spare-ribs (a must order, in our opinion...very delicious), Variety seafood with bean cake (tofu) in clay pot (if you don't like liver, ask them to omit it), chicken chow fun with tender greens. Total bill for these 3 dishes plus steamed rice for two come up to less than $25!

And we always have leftovers to take home for lunch the next day. Sometimes they have these sesame balls with red bean or lotus seed paste in them and those are very yummy!

This is one of our favorite Fresno Chinese restaurants.