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Imperial Garden

Here is our restaurant review:

Imperial Garden
6640 N Blackstone Ave (N/Sierra)
Location tips: On Blackstone Ave, between Sierra and Herndon Ave. Restaurant is in the same complex as Georges Bar and Grill. If you're heading north on Blackstone from Sierra, the complex is on your right hand side.

Review: Best place to get Dim Sum in Fresno. This is one of the few Fresno Chinese restaurants that serve Dim Sum and it is served all day here so you can order some even if you go for dinner.

Barbeque pork buns, shrimp dumplings, pot stickers - they are all delicious.

Their chow fun and Singapore fried noodles are very good too. Another of our favorite Fresno Chinese restaurants.

Ordering tip: If you go for dinner and would like to order Dim sum, just let the server know. They will give you a dim sum menu with pictures and an order card.

Problem is, the names on the picture menu don't always match up with the order card.

Solution - It's easier to point to what you want on the picture menu and let the server fill out the order card.