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Fresno Fine dining - Max Bistro

Max Bistro is a great French-inspired California cuisine restaurant...wow, that was a mouthful!

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Max's Bistro and Bakery
1784 W Bullard Avenue, Fresno CA 93711
Sample Max Bistro Menu

Location tip: Restaurant is located at the Northeast corner of Bullard and West Avenues.

Fresnohub Reader Review, submitted May11, 2007:

Awesome dinning experience and wine list! Chef Scott has brought fine dinning from the coast of Big Sur to the Central Valley! If youy want to eat it first go to Max's, it is on their menu first and then shows up at the other establishments. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but if you did not have it at max's, you had an IMITATION. Service and atmosphere are equally enjoyable. Best place for a first date, friendly dinner, take mom, birthdays or just to dine in style! Fish specials rock and are different each night, creative and seasonal... Desserts to die for! All in all don't waste your money at a cheap imitation, go to Max's!

Fresnohub Reader Review, submitted Dec17, 2005: I went there with my girlfriend hoping for a nice romatic evening, but to my dismay it was a evening with decent over priced food and a loud enviroment.

I ended up getting the salmon there and it was ok. It wasn't the best salmon i've ever had, but the best i've had was from a neighboor that hunted and fished for his hobby, so it was ok. I don't believe it was as good food as it should have been for the price.

I guess it's what "fresno" does to places that are hyped up. People say it's good so the "fresno" mentallity is that it is going to be good. I guess i'd better go out of town to get some real "good food." Overall the food is good but not woth the price.

Fresnohub Reader Review, submitted Feb26, 2005: We go out with the kids every friday so we try different venues. recently returned to one of our favorites in old neighborhood. I wondered why on a friday eve the place was quiet and then I got the check!

Wow, $185 for 4 is steep even if food and service is outstanding. Even on a splurge thats a lot given the other choices in town whose menu is better (Echo, Campagnia). They still have the best looking restaurant in my opinion but I'll have to go back for lunch only.

Fresnohub Review: The first thing you'll notice or smell when you enter Max's are all the delicious bread and desserts in their gourmet bakery section.

If you can tear yourself away from the bakery and proceed to their dining area, you will be treated to a great fine dining experience.

One of the most popular item on the menu is their sweet potato fries. Yum! They have quite an extensive wine list as well.

The menu is "French-inspired California Cuisine style" created by Executive Chef Kent Specht. Here's a sample of Max's Bistro menu.

Reservations are recommended.