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Fresno Restaurant Chain Reviews

Looking for a popular restaurant chain? We have many of them in Fresno.

We invite YOU to share your own personal restaurant experience by submitting a restaurant review.

While we try to dine mostly at local restaurants, we do visit some of the restaurant chains. Here are our reviews:

2765 W Shaw Ave, Fresno CA 93711
Location tip: This steakhouse Restaurant is located at the Southeast corner of Shaw and Marks Avenues.

Review: OK, we are not big steak people so we don't know that much about steak. But our friend who loves steak claims that he's had the best steak here. The recommendation: Victoria's Center-Cut Filet served medium-rare. So we tried it and as far as we can tell, it was very good.

Our other favorites include the Kookaburra wings and Toowoomba pasta. If you have room for dessert, try the Chocolate Chocolate Tower or the New York style cheesecake. The dessert portions are very large. The food is good for a restaurant chain.

California Pizza Kitchen
7985 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno CA 93720
Location tip: CPK is located at the Villagio shopping complex at the Southwest corner of Nees and Blackstone Avenues.

Review: This restaurant probably does not need any introduction. Our current favorites are the thin crust Sicilian pizza and the Jambalaya pasta. Previous favorites include the Thai chicken pizza, BBQ chicken pizza and salad. This is one of our favorite restaurant chain.

Macaroni Grill
7650 N. Blackstone, Fresno CA 93720
Location tip: Macaroni Grill is located in River Park on Blackstone between Alluvial and Nees.

Review: This is a somewhat upscale chain of Italian restaurants. The atmosphere is casual and lively. The menu is very extensive and you will probably find it difficult to decide what to order! If so, try the Mama's Trio with Three Italian favorites: Lasagna, Chicken Cannelloni and Chicken Parmigiano.

Red Lobster
1460 E Shaw Ave, Fresno CA 93710
Location tip: Restaurant is located on Shaw, between First and Millbrook Avenues. If you are heading east on Shaw from First Avenue, Red Lobster is on your left hand side.

Review: Their Ultimate Feast, endless shrimp and those yummy cheesy biscuits are the reasons we go to Red Lobster. Get there real early or be prepared to wait - this is true for any day of the week, it seems!

Fuzio Universal Pasta
7742 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno Ca 93720
Sample Fuzio Menu

Location tip: Fuzio is located in the River Park Shopping complex, by the Edwards movie theatre.


Review: Fuzio's theme is international pasta so you will find all sorts of global themes here. The food is ok but not spectacular. We've tried their California Chicken Sausage Penne, Singapore BBQ Pork, Shanghai Curry Chicken and Mediterranean Salmon. Check out Fuzio's menu here.

The patio seating is a great place to people watch. There is water mist in the summers and heat lamps in the winter. Unfortunately, the patio is prime real estate space and they pack you in tight. The tables are small and there is hardly any room to move your chair.

Elephant Bar and Grill
7985 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno CA 93720

Location tip: Restaurant is located at the Villagio shopping complex at the Southwest corner of Nees and Blackstone Avenues, next to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK).

Review: This is another restaurant chain and a popular restaurant in town. You can often see lines out the door. We are not sure what the attraction of this place is except for the elephant-sized portions and long lines.