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All about School Districts

The three largest school districts in Fresno and Clovis for Grades K to 12 are:

1) Fresno Unified

Fresno Unified is the 4th largest school district in California with over 80,000 students and 88 schools. Fresno Unified consists of 61 elementary schools, 19 middle schools and 8 high schools.

Their 80,000 students are highly diverse and represent a broad and multilingual community of over 76 different languages and cultures.

Fresno Unified also has a popular adult education school with over 25,000 adult students. Unfortunately, Fresno Unified is currently struggling to fix its fiscal budget crisis or face a state takeover.

According to the Fiscal Crisis and Management team November 2004 report, a lack of stable organizational leadership and oversight of the district's resources has led to this extreme financial crisis.

2) Clovis Unified

Clovis Unified is the 2nd largest school district in Fresno County with over 34,000 students and 38 schools.
Clovis Unified schools have been named 24 times to the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program* and honored 42 times as California Distinguished School.
*The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program was formerly the National Exemplary Schools Program.

In the last decade Clovis Unified schools have received over 550 League, Valley, State and National Athletic Championships.

An ambitious facilities project is currently being built to accommodate their fast-growing student population. With the community's support of a $168 million facilities bond measure in March 2004, construction is moving forward on their fifth high school and intermediate school complex, along with several new elementary schools.

3) Central Unified

Central Unified is the 3rd largest school district with over 13,000 students and 17 schools. Central Unified has continuously made gains in student achievement each year.

With the communities overwhelming support of Measure K (the $40 million bond measure) which passed last year, several construction projects have already been completed or will begin shortly.

Along with the completed renovation of El Capitan, construction of the new Deran Koligian Stadium will begin shortly and four Elementary Schools, Biola, Houghton-Kearney, Madison, and Steinbeck will be receiving their new playground equipment very soon.

Due to rapid enrollment growth, the district is planning to build 20 new schools in the next thirty years.

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